Welcome to ReadyMade Campaigns!

This program was created to give every candidate the resources and tools to run a strong, strategic campaign. These tools are designed to help candidates set-up their campaign, create a support team, understand voter-targeting, and navigate the confusion and intensity of a political campaign cycle. Once you gain access to the program, below are the tools and support provided:

1 | campaignmanual

The ReadyMade Campaign Manual provides you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to set-up and run a strategic campaign.

Not everyone has the budget or connection to wealthy donors to hire high-priced consultants to walk them through all of these steps — but that doesn’t mean you should be at a disadvantage. Our comprehensive online campaign manual levels the playing field, so anyone who wants to serve their community in office has the tools they need to run.

The one-time access fee opens the door!
ReadyMade provides easy-to-use tools, so campaigns can focus on engaging with voters.
Included in the fully hyperlinked, step-by-step, online, manual are sections on getting your campaign up and running:
Field Operations • Targeting Voters • Messaging • Fundraising • Budgeting and Cash Flow • Hiring Your Team • and more!

We give you all of the tools you need, so you can take those and implement them starting today.

2 | targetvoters

Chances are, there are more voters in your district than you’ll have the resources to reach. So, how do you know which of those voters to talk to?

Thankfully, a lot of that work has been done for you.

Reaching voters is the most expensive part of your campaign. You just need the right tool for the job!

And it should be — unless you talk to voters, often enough for them to hear and then remember you, you can’t win your race. Do not rely on voters to do their due diligence comparing candidates. Some will (to some degree), but most will not.

For the sake of fairness and transparency, we cannot tell you how to set up a voter file for your specific race, but we can help you know how to use the software, and understand how a campaign might go about making decisions to target voters in their race. The rest will be up to you.

To help you even more, there is a voter targeting section in the Campaign Manual.

We’ve partnered with Political Data, Inc. (PDI) to provide simplified, scaled-down options to meet your campaign needs. Political Data, Inc. (PDI) has been the leading provider in California for voter data resources for 15 years. They even have an app so that you can record information about which voters you’ve talked to!

Sometimes, candidates and campaigns may still need guidance to get set-up. That’s why ReadyMade Campaigns offers PDI Pro Coaching to assist campaigns in getting set-up.

PDI Pro Coaching is based on an hourly rate… kinda like an on-call data consultant!

The PDI database is responsive to ballot returns, meaning they will remove anyone who has already mailed in their ballot by the time you download your list, so the costs PDI counts for mail lists are estimates until you download the data file.

Customizable, high-quality print materials without high-priced design costs.

3 | printmaterials

Walk cards, mailers, door hangers.

From walk cards/leave behinds (which you will use in your field program), to mailers (which actually are mailed out to voters), print materials are an important part of the campaign budget. But, they don’t have to be overly complicated or expensive to be effective. Voters generally don’t spend more than three to four seconds reviewing your materials, so often, less is more. The ReadyMade print material tools are high-quality, without high-priced design costs.

Voters really need to know a few key pieces of information:

The Name of the candidate


The Office the candidate is seeking


The Date of the election

Select from a template, stock photos and upload some of your own photos

To create your print materials, you can select from a template, stock photos and upload some of your own photos (including your own logo)!

You can use the ReadyMade Campaign Manual to craft the best message for your material, as well as to guide you through what photos you should consider using. Then, pick the number you want printed (based on your targeted voters and if you want additional copies to use for other parts of your campaign) — you can even decide to mail the same printed mail piece to different universes of voters at different times, based on voting history — which you can learn more about in the Target Your Voters section.

Then, we take it from there!

Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone with a little experience.


Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone with a little experience.

ReadyMade Campaigns is partnering with Greenhouse Campaigns to offer cost-effective group coaching options. Greenhouse Campaigns provides a diverse, nationwide team of coaches who are committed to your success and ready to help. Coaches are independent contractors who set their own schedules and prices, so in every price range you can find a coach who will be the best fit for your campaign’s needs.

Your coach tracks your progress, helps you set goals and prioritize for the biggest impact. In 2018, this coaching support gave their candidates an average bump of 16 percentage points on the ballot.

As outlined in the Target Your Voters section, ReadyMade Campaigns also offers PDI Pro Coaching to assist campaigns in getting set-up. PDI Pro Coaching is based on an hourly rate

You will find lots of additional support in the ReadyMade Campaigns Campaign Manual, which is fully-accessible online, throughout the duration of your campaign.

Gain Access to ReadyMade Campaigns TODAY!

An access fee opens the door to all of the resources and tools we offer through ReadyMade Campaigns.

ReadyMade Campaigns Access gives you full-time, online access to our comprehensive, step-by-step campaign manual, as well as the additional portals for ordering low-cost printed materials, voter-targeting tools, and coaching options.

The ReadyMade Campaigns Access Fee ($900) can be paid:

Through this website, by the candidate or campaign

An in-kind contribution made via check

ReadyMade Campaigns will provide a coupon on receipt of the Access Fee.

November Elections 2020

NOTE: All Campaign Finance rules apply. Please check with your local Elections Clerk or your campaign treasurer to clarify any campaign limits which may impact your region, district, election, or race. ReadyMade Campaigns can not and does not accept responsibility for any violations (intentional or unintentional) of any campaign Federal, state, or local finance rules.

For more information: https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ | http://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/campaign/